Lockhart, Texas: Black’s Barbeque

Black’s Barbecue: Mon.-Thu. 10am-8pm, Fri. & Sat. 10am-8:30pm, Sun. 10am-8pm, 215 North Main Street, Lockhart, TX 78644

August in Texas, and it was hot, at least 100˚.  B and I had no food in the house and we were getting stir crazy staying in the air conditioned house.  We made a bold decision to venture out into the heat and in search of, well, what else might a Texan venture out into the August heat for?  Yup, barbecue and a cold beer.

DSC01324We’d been wanting to go to Lockhart for barbecue for awhile, so that’s where we headed.  We went to Black’s Barbecue, but it wasn’t an easy decision because Lockhart is full of good barbecue (see Phil’s comment below) that I hope to try soon.

The town was sleepy except for Black’s Barbecue.  At Black’s, a line wrapped around the building and people were sitting by strangers at the picnic style tables just for some of that good barbecue.  The air was on but barely, and the slow turning ceiling and wall fans did little to help keep the temperature down.

DSC01329B and I decided to suffer outside where we could enjoy our barbecue at our own table.

DSC01336I mention the heat and the crowd as a forewarning, but I also think it’s part of the experience, the barbecue experience and the trying new places experience.  I’d definitely recommend a little drive out to Lockhart for some barbecue at Black’s.

DSC01353Other Barbecue Joints in Lockhart:

Kreuz Market and Barbecue

Smitty’s Market

Black's Barbecue on Urbanspoon


About benleeirene

My husband and I live in Texas. He managed a kitchen in one of our town's local restaurants for six years, but he has recently returned to school and is loving it. I teach at a nearby school. I am creating this blog for fun and as an attempt to encourage my husband and myself to continue doing things we love: cooking, taking photos, and writing. Well, he loves cooking and I love taking and photos and writing. I would love to hear what you think!
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7 Responses to Lockhart, Texas: Black’s Barbeque

  1. Phil Andre says:

    Lockhart has a delightful downtown and Black’s is a great Texan barbecue! Funnily enough, as I’m sure you know, the town has a second outstanding barbecue at Kreuz Market. And the Moon Handbook for Texas refers to Smitty’s Market and Chisholm Trail BBQ! Lockhart must be the barbecue capital of the Lone State. Sadly, we had time to try only Black’s and Kreuz Market. Both were sublime (but, if in the area, try Scholl Brothers in Paris. The food is as good, even if Scholl Brothers’ pedigree doesn’t compare with that of Black’s or Kreuz). We must return to Lockhart (although it’s a long way from the UK). And Paris! Phil.

    • benleeirene says:

      Thanks, Phil, for this! Yes, Lockhart is the barbeque capital of the Texas! I plan to update this blog with some of the places you mentioned. That day we were debating between a few (Smitty’s and Kreuz, I think) and Black’s, but finally decided on Black’s. Texas Monthly puts out an issue on best barbeque sometimes (hoping they will again soon) and Lockhart’s barbeque joints are always on there. Thanks for the comments!

  2. That is delicious. Me and family had been visiting Lockhart for their awesome BBQ. We went to Kreuz and Smitty’s. Time to try Black’s famous BBQ.

  3. Never thought of myself as much of a foodie, but nice blog!

    • benleeirene says:

      Thanks! I never thought I was a foodie either, and then I started taking photos of food, talking about food, seeking out the best restaurants. Maybe it’s gotten a bit out of control. . .mmmm.

  4. tummyspace says:

    Seeing your pictures makes me homesick. Before eating Black’s, I thought I didn’t like Texas BBQ – Black’s made me into a believer. You’re right about it being worth the drive, 30 minutes for the best brisket I’ve ever had. I hear that Franklin’s in Austin is supposed to be the current standard-bearer of Texas BBQ, but I never had the patience wait in those lines. Have you had a chance to check it out? Great post, and great photos.

    • benleeirene says:

      Yes, I love Black’s. I’ve only recently become a BBQ enthusiast (don’t tell my fellow Texans, haha), and so far, I think Black’s is my favorite. However, I am thinking we will brave the line at Franklin’s soon because as you mentioned, it is supposed to be the standard-bearer at the moment, gotta do it for the blog:). Thanks for the compliments. I was reading through you blog and was reminded I’ve got to get into Amy’s soon; it’s been awhile. Summer will be a great time to visit there again.

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