Hico, Texas: Wiseman House Chocolates

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Wiseman House Chocolates

Wiseman House Chocolates: Mon.-Sat. 10am-6pm, Sun. 1pm-5pm, 406 Grubbs Street, Hico, TX 76457

After you eat at Koffee Kup or even if you don’t eat at Koffee Kup, stop and get yourself some chocolate in this lovely house/boutique, Wiseman House Chocolates.

Aubrey's Birthday, Moontower 2013 098I walked in and tasted a sample of their almond toffee chocolate and walked out with two good sized squares of almond chocolate toffee, which are greatly diminished in size now.

Aubrey's Birthday, Moontower 2013 101Wiseman House Chocolates has been visited by Ft. Worth and Dallas papers and Texas Monthly because it is worth stopping for and because their reporters probably wanted more of their chocolate. Aubrey's Birthday, Moontower 2013 092 The store sells soaps, candles, lots of varieties of chocolates, and has a cute porch where you can sit outside and sip their chocolate coffee.

Aubrey's Birthday, Moontower 2013 093Happy Travels.

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My husband and I live in Texas. He managed a kitchen in one of our town's local restaurants for six years, but he has recently returned to school and is loving it. I teach at a nearby school. I am creating this blog for fun and as an attempt to encourage my husband and myself to continue doing things we love: cooking, taking photos, and writing. Well, he loves cooking and I love taking and photos and writing. I would love to hear what you think!
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3 Responses to Hico, Texas: Wiseman House Chocolates

  1. You have me wanting to see this place with coffee and chocolates. I hope I can check this place this Summer. Have a great day.

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